Lakshmi mantra

Listening to the Lakshmi Mantra every day for at least 40 days will tune your mind to the consciousness of abundance, wealth, and enlightenment. A mantra, or repeated vocal phrase, is an instrument for development and expansion of the mind. It is a type of magic spell that manifests through meditation in motion. By listening to, or chanting along to this recording, you will create new physical, mental and psychic channels for your natural abundance to flow.  And you will see it take form through the infinite channels of abundance available to us.

Lakshmi is an ancient Hindu deity who symbolizes the infinite abundance of the divine.  She is frequently pictured as seated upon a lotus throne her hands overflowing with riches.  She has four arms, each symbolizing a quality of her supreme opulence.  The first is dharma or virtue, because in order to be truly wealthy, we must generate our wealth in a truthful way which does not harm others.  The second represents the pursuit of wealth, and the rewards of virtuous action.  The third represents love, the enjoyment of life, and the pursuit of happiness. And the fourth represents spiritual enlightenment, freedom from material bondage.  It is the balance of these four qualities of Lakshmi which leads to supreme opulence - the ultimate state of material and spiritual wealth.