Los Angeles Sound Bath by Dynasty Electrik

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1. In the Beginning - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 1 (00:00-01:51)
2. Sunset on Venice Beach - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 2 (01:52-08:14)
3. Cosmic Visions - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 3 (08:15-14:03)
4. Siren Song - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 4 (14:04-18:46)
5. Zen Garden - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 5 (18:47-23:19)
6. Spirit Rising - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 6 (23:20-26:11)
7. City of Light - L.A. Sound Bath Movement 7 (26:12-41:23)

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“Los Angeles Sound Sound Bath”, the new album from Dynasty Electrik, dives deeply into the world of sound baths, sound healing and ambient music. A variety of instruments, including crystal singing bowls, theremin, synthesizers, piano, guitar, vocals and the sounds of nature, weave together an entrancing soundscape that takes the listener on a journey designed for relaxation, meditation, and inner visionary experience. The album was composed over the course of the past year during the group’s residency at Mystic Journey Crystals in Venice, California.

Dynasty Electrik is the musical duo of Jennifer Deveau (voice, theremin, singing bowls) and Seth Misterka (keyboards, guitar, sax, flute, electronics, vocals, gong, and singing bowls). After a decade of playing in the Brooklyn underground rock scene, touring and writing music for television and film, they met Lisa Ishwari Murphy, a sound healer with whom they studied, and they began incorporating some of the instruments and intentions of sound healing into their work. They embarked on a cross-country journey from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with extended stays in the mountains of North Carolina and beaches of Baja California, Mexico. When they landed in Los Angeles, they began sharing their new music for yoga classes and their new sound bath was born. The group began a Friday night residency to packed crowds at Mystic Journey Crystals in Venice. The diverse and eclectic audience of all ages often includes celebrities among those seeking rest and relief from the stress of city life.

Now, the experience of “Los Angeles Sound Bath” can be enjoyed on-line at anytime. It is a perfect compliment to yoga, meditation, and relaxation and it will take the listener on a trip into the worlds of new age, classical and ambient music along with elements of electronic, trance and trip-hop. At times, the album feels like a psychedelic experience (without the side effects). With their unique look and sound, Dynasty Electrik are the new rock stars of sound healing.

The album is immediately available for streaming on YouTube and will be available on all platforms on January 20. The group is also hosting a release party celebration at Mystic Journey Crystals at 7:30pm on Friday February 8th, 2019, 1702 Lincoln Blvd., Venice. CA 90291

for additional media, press, or interviews please contact: jennyandseth@dynastyelectrik.com