Sound & Light Bath

with Singing Bowls, Crystals & Reiki

The spectrum of colors and musical notes, as well as Reiki, crystals and essential oils are used to restore a peaceful state of being. I scan the auric field and use sensory information, intuition and compassionate communication to create a specialized experience in alignment with your specific physical, emotional & spiritual needs. I was initiated into the practice of Svaha Yoga, a Shamanic sound healing technique, by Master Energy Medicine Practitioner Lisa Ishwari Murphy. I have a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Communication from New York University, and I'm certified in Color Therapy & Reiki. I've studied the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones extensively and I've been a practicing yogi for the past 20 years. Looking forward to our session in the Mystic Journey Light Room - 1702 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA. xo Jenny*

30 min - $100 / 60 min - $175 / 90 min $265


Private Group Sound Bath

Traditional sound healing instruments, including crystal singing bowls, chimes & gongs, combine with nature sounds, aromatherapy, and individual reiki-infused crystal bowl healing.

Email to schedule time and location. We will come to your home in the Los Angeles area. Or your group can experience the sound bath at Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery - 1702 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA.